This blog intends to add research content and become a platform for scientific dissemination of the activities of the Research Group on Socialities, Intersubjectivities and Sensitivities in the Amazon, SISA.

SISA is based at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), with researchers from two graduate programs, the PPG in Sustainable Development of the Humid Tropic, linked to the Center for High Amazon Studies (NAEA) and the PPG in Communication, Culture and Amazônia, based at the Institute of Litterature and Communication (ILC). Located at the Federal University of Pará – the most important university in the Amazon region, with about 40 thousand undergraduate students, 14 thousand graduate students, 2,600 teachers, 261 undergraduate courses and 89 graduate programs – SISA is committed to understanding the experience and worldviews of the Amazonian populations.

We are a research group with an interdisciplinary vocation, located at the confluence between phenomenology and the social sciences and dedicated to understanding the social experience of Amazonian populations. In this horizon, some phenomena are a priority to us: sociality, intersubjectivity, sensitivity, typification, affectivity. Some theoretical references as well, such as comprehensive and phenomenological sociologies, anthropological interpretation, ethnomethodology and deconstruction. One field is also a priority for us: the experiences of the Amazonian populations.

With this blog we hope to build an instrument of information, reflection and debate of interest to the scientific community interested in these sets of themes, but also to the general public, notably those interested in knowledge about Amazonian societies and cultures.

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